Cholesterol plays a critical role in many of your bodies’ important functions. But maintaining a healthy balance between the two types of cholesterol, LDL and HDL, is the only way to keep your cholesterol from doing more harm than good.

Unchecked or imbalanced cholesterol can increase your risk of heart disorders, stroke, and heart disease, with high levels of LDL ”bad” cholesterol building up as plaque and restricting blood flow to and from the heart.

But, there’s good news. Soluble fibre, like that found in our O3NC formula, has been proven to assist the body in more efficiently using the cholesterol it needs, while flushing out the cholesterol it doesn’t. Additionally, by pairing that fibre with Omega 3 fatty acids, we’re helping support the HDL cholesterol necessary for preventing the harmful build-up of LDL cholesterol, and all of the risks associated with it.


There’s a colony with trillions of bacteria and microbes living in your gut, and they have a big job. As unique as your fingerprint, your microbiome (comprised of the bacteria and microbes called “microflora”), is responsible for digestion, immune health, metabolism, mood regulation, and so much more.

Just like you, your gut bacteria need to eat well to function at their best. And, the food that fuels them is fibre. Omega3NutraCleanse features the soluble fibre that promotes a well-functioning microbiome, helping you process and digest the food you eat with greater efficacy.

In addition to being high in fibre, O3NC is low in FODMAP sugars (the sugars known to cause intestinal distress), helping improve digestive health without triggering IBS.


Diabetes is inextricably linked to blood sugar and insulin production and is one of the most common diseases affecting people today. With associated risks like cardiovascular disease and nerve, kidney, eye, and foot damage, it’s no wonder people are concerned about how it may affect them and the people in their lives.

Generally, when a person has diabetes, the process by which the body produces insulin and converts blood sugar to energy is compromised. 

But, adopting a high-fibre diet and achieving a healthy body weight, can help mitigate the body’s deficiencies, and in some cases, send the disease into remission. Just ⅓ cup of O3NC has 8 grams of soluble fibre, hitting the mark for the expert-recommended daily intake. In addition to fibre, it features Omega 3 fatty acids, proven to assist with insulin resistance, high blood pressure, and abdominal obesity that can contribute to diabetes.


As anxiety and depression continue to grow in prevalence within our population, so too does the research on mental health. There’s growing evidence to support these conditions being linked to our body’s inflammatory response, triggering symptoms like fatigue, reduced cognition, reduced appetite, and more.

Although an inflammatory response is a helpful function within our bodies, it becomes harmful when it is sustained beyond when it’s necessary. But, Omega 3 fatty acids, like those found in O3NC, have been proven to assist with this prolonged inflammatory response, and in turn, helping reduce and prevent the symptoms associated with anxiety and depression.


Health professionals agree that maintaining a healthy body weight is essential to overall health, as being overweight can significantly increase your risk of developing high blood pressure, heart disease, Type 2 Diabetes, osteoarthritis, certain cancers, mental illnesses, and many other health and wellness problems.

In addition to a well-balanced diet and active lifestyle, one of the factors contributing to a healthy weight is the regular intake of fibre—something that roughly 50% of Canadians are not getting! This fibre helps support healthy digestion, improves your body’s metabolic processes, and helps prevent overeating by contributing to a feeling of fullness.